Cleanup Goal Determinations

The clean up of environmental impacts may be very costly. The most critical element of any clean up project is determining the closure requirements. These requirements are typically based on the risk of the contaminants to human health and the environment and not all sites require clean up to the same degree. Industrial/commercial properties normally do not require cleanup to the same standard as properties that are used for residential.

Higgins helps our clients negotiate cleanup requirements with regulatory  agencies.  This commonly depends on determining which receptors (if any) may be affected by contaminants originating from our client’s property.

The clean up goal is crucial to determining the appropriate technology to meet cleanup objectives. Without an understanding of the cleanup goals, the technology selection may be flawed resulting in higher costs, midstream changes in clean up approach, and increased cleanup timeframes. With the end goal being established early and a thorough knowledge of the geology, hydrogeology and distribution of the impacts, the most effective technologies in both time and cost can be evaluated and implemented.