EHS Management Systems Program Development

Risk ChartISO 14000 refers to a series of voluntary standards in the environmental field developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), located in Geneva, Switzerland. Included in the ISO 14000 series are the ISO 14001 EMS Standard and other standards in fields such as environmental auditing, environmental performance evaluation, environmental labeling,  and  life-cycle assessment. The EMS and auditing standards are now final. The others are in various stages of development.  In 1989, OSHA established non-mandatory guidelines for the establishment of safety and health management systems for employers.

Higgins’ experienced Environment Health & Safety (EH&S) consultants are available to assist with the development of your internal EH&S Management Systems following the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001/18001 and ANSI Z10 guidelines.  We offer guidance and support with developing procedures, establishing document control, and performing audits.

Lady with PlantHiggins will work within your current organizational culture and assist with integrating these new management systems into your current organization.  We will assist in identifying gaps and setting achievable objectives and goals.  Higgins can also provided the following services:

  • EH&S Management Systems Development
  • Identification of EH&S Risks, Aspects, and Environmental Impacts
  • Assist with Organizational Development Goals and Objectives
  • Design, Select, Implement and Integrate EH&S Risk Management Program
  • Develop Metrics, Auditing Tools, Key Performance Indicators and Self-Assessments
  • Assist with the Development of a Corrective Action Management Program